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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


On my personal facebook page, my last status reads like this: "To Calgary and Beyond!..."  Many people have wondered why I would do something as crazy as traveling to Canada in January.  I figured that if my sister could LIVE here year 'round, I could visit any time. (Of course, I am wearing sporting goods type cold gear under my clothes, even as I sit in Starbucks).  As I write this, I can see her across the parking lot, coming out of the grocery store with my nephew.  She put the groceries in the trunk and is coming this way.  She has managed the small tasks in the cold (I mean 30 below zero).  I'm in good shape at this moment. People have done crazier things for love than to go to Canada in January.  Nothing says love more than my seven year old niece asking me to tuck her in and requesting, "more songs, please," or my four year old nephew sporting a mischievous grin after a display of his brute strength.  I have only been gone two days, and I miss them more than I can say.