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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Coming Home

Last night, I went to hear the author of the book, 90 Minutes in Heaven speak about his experience. He is a pastor of a church and encouraged people to attend the church of their choice in order to get to know Jesus.  I thought about that.  Over the years, I had times where I LOVED going to church.  I felt connected to a community of people, and performed my volunteer duties as diligently as (or more diligently than) if they were my job.  Also, there have been times where I didn't like going to church because it felt as if I were just part of another dysfunctional family.  Power struggles and politics exist in that organization just as much as they do in corporate America.  The difference is that if one doesn't fall in line in a church setting, the fall-out is much more personal than something that happens at work.

I said all that to say this: we practice our spirituality outside the confines of the church building and organization. The best spiritual moments in life occur during the moments in our lives.  After the meeting last night, I got to see some dear friends, those who have consistently prayed for me before and during this "adventure" in life.  I saw them at the church, and they are part of my community of friends. Seeing the friends, experiencing the hugs, and the "reunion" of friends makes me long for heaven more.  I don't want to wait to get there.  I want to experience heaven here and now.  Jesus' prayer states, "Thy Kingdom come.  Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." The old hymn gives another good example of the spiritual life: "Heaven came down, and glory filled my soul."  If we think of those words, how could our "church time" be the only time that spiritual things occur in our lives?  If we pay attention, God really is here now, and we can experience glimpses of heaven all the time, in our every day lives.

Prayer for protection

I have made a habit of praying, and thanking God for his protection as I have been traveling, renting cars, and yes...I just bought a used car...again.  I have a bit of anxiety about it but thought I needed to not live on rentals any more.  Here is a prayer for protection that just came to my head.

Thank you for protection in the dead of night
Thank you for protection in the morning light
As I travel by land or air
As I am anywhere
Thank you for watching over me at all times
Keeping me safe from potential crimes
Or disasters that have the potential to be
Detrimental, harmful, or inconvenient to me

As I have been asking for and thankful for protection in all my journeys, I have been protected. I wish you safety and protection in all your journeys.