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Thursday, July 24, 2014

She Made My Day

My life is not nearly as interesting as when I was in Europe singing for coffee and reveling in how rapidly my German was improving.  It has just been life.  The geek and I broke up a few months ago, (but I now live with two adorable kittens, Luciano and Mirella).  I don't miss the situation I left, but starting over is not easy, even living in my same old house and adding to my wonderful circle of friends. It seems that every time I have wanted to write recently, I have been too busy, or I have wanted to rant, or I have wanted to share my bleeding heart drama about love lost and friendships ruined.  Who wants to read a whole article about that? Most people just need to scroll through their Facebook feed and see that there is more than enough of that to cover the Earth than there is saran wrap at a bakery.  
As I was out seeing patients today, I was in the neighborhood of Central Market at lunchtime.  I went in to get a sandwich as I contemplated meeting another new patient and what the rest of the day had in store for me.  There were two ladies sitting near me having lunch.  One got up to get a drink, and the other person (now known as my new friend, Patty) randomly started talking to me.  As I was dressed in a bright, flowered scrub top, she asked what I did.  (People always have a HUGE reaction to the word hospice).  We chatted about life and transition in the context of hospice, as if they are not such a big deal, just as we talked about my youthful look and my 'real' red hair, then she gave me a hug. As we were getting ready to part ways, she handed me her business card.  The photo on it of the Earth taken from the moon gave me those little chills, as if I were encountering someone spiritual, so I said that 's' word.  The rest of the conversation made me feel as if she understands my perspective as she talked about having heart connections.  I thought back to all the people I have hugged recently and how I feel more connected to some than others. Not many people can appreciate conversations about heart connections and heart energy without getting bent out of shape, but I was struck that my new friend Patty was able to put words to this phenomenon so beautifully.  She didn't know that I needed that hug and that understanding today, or did she?

            (they hate bath time)