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Many of you have followed this blog since its inception, through its changes in name and focus.  My friends and family remember when I quit my job and went to Europe, where I thought I might still be.  I had to come home and regroup.  Then, I had a nearly fatal car wreck, and now, I'm working as a hospice nurse by day, and I'm chanting, drumming, and healing as much as possible.

For eighteen years, I have traversed many of the specialties in nursing and have found that if I must practice conventional nursing, hospice is the most compatible specialty for me.  Sometimes it takes facing the end of the life we know to become our authentic selves and to find healing.  For the last ten years, as I have sought the solutions to my own dis-eases, I have found as much science as art. In this space, my healing has become my journey.

As I seek solutions to my own issues, growth comes.  First, I studied about supplements and herbal remedies.  Next, I ventured into Reiki. It was like the laying on of hands and prayer, only more.  Now, in addition to the Reiki, I use Quantum Touch and Zero Point energy as well as intuitive guidance to help me help myself and to help others as we travel together.

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